Monday, January 11, 2010

Present during Boot camp!

What was I thinking?!?! The very first thing I do after starting this new blog, was head to Boot Camp. No, I didn't join the army. There is a class at the local gym called "Boot Camp." I probably don't have to tell you that it is pretty challenging!

Not more than 5 minutes in, I found myself, in pain, already thinking about the end of class and wishing for it to be over. Not very present! Thankfully, the teacher is awesome, full of energy but also realistic and gave us lots of options. So, I stepped it back just a bit, and focused on being where I was, pain and all. A few minutes later, during squats..... AGAIN! OK Penelope, get back in class! So breathing through the squats and being in my aching body, on went the class. Finally, the stretching phase.... over way too quick!

The teacher really helped. Her high energy and great music helps to keep one centered in what they are doing, along with her watchful eye and encouraging words!

So - all in all, I will call this a small victory. No, I did not stay completely present for the entire class, but for a lot of it. The times I was present the exercises felt "fuller" or more complete.... like I really used the muscle and not just going through the motions!

Please join me in the present!

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