Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ask and the Universe Answers!

I love how the Universe works! It does not always respond this quickly. I had just asked the question about how the rest of us at the bottom of the mountain should remain present. While listening to a recording of Eckhart Tolle last night, I got what I believe, is the answer.

Tolle says to begin small (most of you know I like simplicity!) Begin being present in nature or in peaceful settings. For most of us this is the most simply way to become present... in woods or by water. [To take your own minute in the waves, click here!]

Next, he suggests adding repetitive daily situations like brushing one's teeth or starting the car. Try to be present with each tooth as you brush it, or take 30 seconds before starting the car (unless an emergency situation!) Tolle (paraphrasing here) then goes on to say that many people live their lives as though everything is an emergency and this is not what he is talking about. He did not say this, but I believe Tolle is suggesting breaking the habit of living life as though it is an emergency by introducing more presence into every day activities.

He suggests those activities that we find most challenging, as I mention in the previous post, may be the last activities in which we are able to bring presence into regularly. It somewhat felt like permission to not have to "get it" all at once.

Over the next year, I will further explore what this looks like in daily life. Please come back to this blog over the coming months to read more or read my other blog, Simply Spirituality, for related information!

Join me in the present!

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