Sunday, January 31, 2010

Challenging Situations

I recently had a number of challenging situation one after another come up in my life. Remembering my desire to remain present, I did attempt to do so, but without much luck. I found myself more quickly being pulled into patterns and habits. I also found that I had not written much over the last week or so, but given that I want to share the challenges as well as the triumphs, I will write about both.

What I feel is important to take from this is two things.....

1 - What I wrote a couple of posts ago. That we do not have to get it all at once and to continue remaining as present as possible during non-challenging situations. Over time we build "spiritual muscle" so to speak and will be more present more of the time.

2 - I again found that when I stopped wishing for things to be different than they were, the suffering was alleviated and it was easier to be more present.

Join me in the present!

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